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Pro FEnce Co. - Mailbox Posts

At Pro Fence Co. we want to give you the very best mailbox selection possible. You want a mailbox that is going to stand the test of time. You want it to be sturdy. 

Mailbox Posts


Your mailbox is often strong and well-protected, but what about the post it sits on? Our classic mailbox posts are available in both cedar and vinyl varieties and they will provide strong support for your mailbox for multiple years.


Whichever material you choose, there's a choice of plain or fluted posts to match the style you desire. Strong and sturdy, each mailbox post will stand tall no matter what the weather is like, and you'll appreciate the attention to detail in the design. Make your mailbox a feature and choose quality mailbox posts from Pro Fence Co today.

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We offer vinyl and cedar mailboxes.


PRO Fence is a full-service fence company. We are manufacturers and installers of all types of fencing.


Cape Cod - 508-394-4800

133 Upper County Rd. S. Dennis, MA 02660

Wilmington - 781-933-1234

835 Woburn St. Wilmington, MA 01887


Whether it's wooden or PVC, Pro Fence Co. has the custom solution for you mailbox needs. Capture the eye of your neighbors with a modern and long-lasting mailbox post solution. We're located in Dennis Cape Cod and Willmington, MA and would love to help!


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