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Pro FEnce -LanternS 

Our decorative lantern posts serve as a wonderful value builder to your home. Please stop in today to see what we have. We value your business. 

Lanterns Post


Decorative lantern posts can provide an attractive addition to your home, either for pure aesthetic value or for adding light to an area. At Pro Fence Co, we offer both vinyl and cedar posts that are expertly designed to add maximum value to your home.

Available in a range of sizes, we also offer vinyl caps to top off your lantern post. Whatever your style preference, we're sure there's something that will meet your needs. Add a lantern post to your home and see the difference it makes.

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We Offer Vinyl Post And Cedar Post.

We Also Offer Vinyl Caps.


PRO Fence is a full-service fence company. We are manufacturers and installers of all types of fencing.


Cape Cod - 508-394-4800

133 Upper County Rd. S. Dennis, MA 02660

Wilmington - 781-933-1234

835 Woburn St. Wilmington, MA 01887


Outdoor lantern posts can add value to your home and offer a great lighting solution as well. We offer custom PVC and Cedar lantern post installations for your property. Find us in Dennis Cape Cod and Wilmington, MA!

Lanterns Post

Vinyl Caps

Vinyl Caps

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