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Pro Fence Co. - CHAIN LINK 

Chain Link Fence comes in 2 basic types galvanized steel and vinyl coated. Chain link provides a more economical way to keep your property and loved ones safe and secure.

Chain Link



Chain link fences are often used around pools or in areas of natural beauty, and with good reason. Their design allows you to see straight through so you can enjoy the view while remaining confident that the area is well protected.

At Pro Fence Co, our chain link fences are available in galvanized steel and vinyl coated options. We also use pool mesh that adheres to Massachusetts pool code requirements, ensuring both you and your family's safety. Get the top-quality chain link fence you need for protection today!

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GALVANIZED: A silver-colored chain link and framework galvanized fence provides years of maintenance free protection


This provides the same VINYL COATED: A vinyl coating in black, green or brown is added over a galvanized steel core .maintenance free product with a more elegant finish.


POOL MESH: To meet the Massachusetts pool code we offer a special 1.25″ opening chain link. This product helps prevent children from getting a hand or foot hold to climb a pool fence and is required for pool installations where chain link is used.

PRO Fence is a full-service fence company. We are manufacturers and installers of all types of fencing.


Cape Cod - 508-394-4800

133 Upper County Rd. S. Dennis, MA 02660

Wilmington - 781-933-1234

835 Woburn St. Wilmington, MA 01887

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Pro Fence Co. has a number of chain link fence installation solutions available. Located in Dennis Cape Cod and Wilmington, MA we offer a local solution to your fence contractor needs. Whether is galvanized, vinyl-coated or pool mesh, let us know how we can help!

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing
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