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We are a small family fence business which caters to the individual needs of our customers. Our goal is to ensure you the finest quality and installation possible at the best price. The employees at PRO Fence are highly experienced professionals in all aspects of the fencing trade. The people at PRO Fence are dedicated to serving you better.


PRO Fence is a full-service fence company. We are manufacturers and installers of all types of fence including:


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About Us

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PRO Fence Cape Cod


Your Cape Cod fence specialists serving all of Cape Cod.

133 Upper County Rd.

S. Dennis, MA 02660
phone 508-394-4800
fax 508-394-6735​

PRO Fence Boston


Your fence specialists in the greater Boston area.

835 Woburn St.

Wilmington, MA 01887
phone 781-933-1234
fax 978-658 -9932

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Finding The Best Fencing  Or Enclosure For Your Property

If you are looking to improve your home or property, installing a wall is a great option to consider. Aside from providing privacy and security, a new fence can add a significant amount of aesthetic appeal and style to your home. Also, assuming you intend to sell your property, installing a new fence can make it look more attractive to potential buyers.


There are several types of fence installations with different benefits associated with them. As a property owner, you should know that there is so much more to fencing than just its appearance. Here are some fencing options and what you should know about them. 


Cedar is considered a durable wood for fencing as it does not attract insects and other pests that can harm your fence's quality. Because insects or pests do not affect the fence's condition, it stays strong and looks good for a long time. If you have a cedar fence, you would rarely need to replace it. They are environmentally friendly and usually outlast other types of wood used in fencing. 


Vinyl fence installations have become a popular choice for homeowners because of their strength, affordability, and low maintenance. Its flexibility makes it more resilient to extreme weather conditions like strong wind or rain. All you need to keep them clean and bright is to wash them down with some soap and water. Vinyl fencing is cheaper than iron or wood fences, and you wouldn't have to worry about termites, rust, or rotting. They can last for decades with no or little maintenance on your end. Aesthetically, vinyl doesn’t fade or change color, so however you choose to paint it, it will last.


Installing trellis boards can be a great way to achieve several desired effects for your home. They can be adapted for different uses because they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. However, most homeowners prefer trellis fencing for their gardens as it incorporates character and style into garden design. Trellis provides an elegant alternative for your garden, providing a perfect base for growing a wide variety of climbing plants. They add extra privacy to your garden area, but in terms of security, they are softwoods that can only re-enforce existing fencing and walls around your property.

Mailbox Posts

A mailbox can make a lasting impression on your home because it's one of the first things visitors notice. Whether you intend to enhance your home's appearance or change a rotting mailbox post, there are different types of posts you can consider made of wood, metal, cedar, or vinyl.  Vinyl and cedar might be the best option for you as these materials provide strong support for your mailbox, and they are environmentally friendly.


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Chain Link fencings are made up of woven wire mesh that is interlocked along with steel posts. It offers several advantages to homeowners and is often preferred for its durability and affordability. Most businesses and homeowners prefer chain link fencing because it's a cost-effective way to keep your property safe and secure. They are reliable but not the most elegant option for homeowner’s conscious of their property's appearance. 

Lantern Posts

Are you looking for that custom touch that will set your home apart? A stylish or decorative lantern can add an exquisitely elegant touch to your property. A secure and sturdy lantern post can also serve as a parameter for a fence around your home. It can sit fashionably at your entry or walkway.  Our lantern posts are made of vinyl and cedar, designed to suit your taste or style.


Aluminum & Iron

Aluminum fencings are flexible; they can be adjusted to fit flat or sloped land without worrying about awkward transitions. Their regal appearance also acts as ornamentals to your property as many manufacturers have made available several custom designs to fit your desired aesthetic needs. Compared with wrought iron and steel, aluminum fencing is readily available and cheaper. 


Although expensive compared to most wood fences, Aluminum & Iron fencings are a one-time investment that will last for decades without replacement or require maintenance and additional upkeep costs.

post & Rails

Post and rail fencing was used on rural properties, especially farms, to keep large animals and define boundaries. Today these fences have become a regular choice for residential homes. Post and Rails enclosures show off the beauty of your property and at the same time silently communicate "no trespassing." 


They are simple to install, and they give a rustic charm and character to your property. PRO Fence provides several style options of posts and rails fencing that are cost-effective and durable. 


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Pergolas & Arbors

There are several benefits to adding Pergolas & Arbors to your home in Cape Cod or Wilmington, MA. If you want to remodel your outdoor space in a cost-efficient way, then a pergola is just perfect for you. They are beautiful, durable, and require minimal cleaning and maintenance. They can accessorize your outdoor area or garden, drawing you closer to nature.  Although some may cost more than others, you can find economical, beautiful, and durable pergolas and arbors that fit your budget at PRO Fence.

Outdoor shower

Outdoor Showers are exposed to diverse weather conditions throughout the year; that's why it's advisable to use materials that can stand up to moisture, wind, and ultraviolet rays, so it doesn't fade. If you've always wanted an outdoor shower on your property at Cape Cod or Wilmington, MA, but not sure about which design or material to use then, you're in luck. 


PRO Fence has a variety of outdoor showers made of cedar and vinyl that accessorize the architecture of your home and ensure your privacy after a swim or when you want to have the luxury of a shower on warm days. Our vinyl and cedar shower enclosures are reasonably priced, sturdy against all weather conditions, and require little to no maintenance.


Tennis Court Enclosures

Tennis court fences enclose the court, allowing the ball to stay within the facility and prevent people who shouldn't be there from entering. Whether it's for domestic, commercial, or industrial sporting venue fencing, PRO Fence manufacturers and installers of all types of fencing have you covered with a variety of options available to choose from depending on the facility's requirements and your budgets.


There are overwhelming options to choose from when it's time to fence your home or property. But don't stress yourself thinking about it. Let the industry experts, PRO Fence sort it out for you.

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